Employers Thoughts on Social Media: A Love-Hate Relationship?

12 06 2012

It is no secret that the love for social media is growing. Market studies show that many subjects in Generation Y prefer access to smartphones and social networks compared to a higher salary. As a part of this demographic, I am one in the minority that would have to disagree and take the cash, but to each his (or her) own.

When I initially brought my agency into the realm of social media, I expected our dedicated employee base to be our first source of support. However, I noticed some initial distrust due to privacy concerns which caused me to question the possible uses of social media in human resources. This prompted me to do some research and eventually draft social media usage guidelines for employees, which will be added into the Employee Handbook.

Check out this useful info-graphic that I came across on Mashable.com. It explores the general feeling amongst businesses concerning social media use and actions being taken to gain some control in the workplace.

What are your feelings towards social media for personal and/or corporate use? Do you love it? Hate it? Is it a necessary evil?


Source (http://on.mash.to/KeqAQd)




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