Google+: the new Facebook?

10 11 2011

Yesterday, I was caught off guard when a co-worker asked me about Google+. I am usually on top of new and emerging trends in social media, but this network seemed to have passed me by. I told her what I did know – that Google+ was similar to Facebook©, and that it was publicly bashed by Mark Zuckerberg during an interview with Charlie Rose. My explanation was far from informative and as the founder of Facebook©, Zuckerberg’s opinion is most likely biased. So I did some research about this brand new social network to form a personal opinion instead of simply adopting the views of my man Mark. Maybe one day I will get over this love affair…

Anyways, Google+ is a young social networking platform that has only been in existence since this past June. From my research, I came across some great features that may prove to have a competitive advantage over Facebook©.

  1. Circles: Google+ allows you to segment your connections into different groups; for example, friends, family, co-workers, and so on. This means that when you post, you have complete control over which circles see your update on their streams. This is good news for those with nosy co-workers!
  2. Hangouts: This feature is my favorite! One user enters a “hangout” and an alert is sent to inform their social circles that they are “hanging out”. In these hangout sessions, up to ten people can video chat in real time free of charge – unlike Skype, which charges a fee for multiple users
  3. Media: Google+ features a specific section for viewing, editing, and managing media. There is also an image editor that allows you to add photo effects right on the platform. For an Instagram© enthusiast like myself, this was music to my ears!

To tie this all together, I am unsure who will be victorious. Google+ has some great new features but Facebook© is known for how quickly it changes to stay up to date with current trends in technology. I am also pretty sure that the folks at Facebook© are putting their heads together to duplicate and improve the innovative features offered by Google+ as I write this post. I can barely wait to see how this one will pan out!

I made an account to learn more, and I urge you to do the same here

Feel free to share your two cents about Facebook vs. Google+ !




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