To Tweet or Not Too Tweet?

8 11 2011

Recently, I have been playing around with Twitter to get an understanding about how it may help communications at CEDC. I find that Twitter is a great tool to gather tons of information about companies or individuals that personally interest you. However, to reap the informational benefits of Twitter you must choose who you follow wisely or your feed will be filled with some pretty useless things – unless you are into that. I personally don’t care if someone just drank a latte.

With my personal account, I follow corporations, non-profits, inspirational leaders, sports teams, and few close latte-drinking friends (just to be nice, not because I care). Twitter is now one of the main ways I stay up to date with news from companies I love because I am able to follow whatever or whomever I chose. Definitely beats watching the news for an hour to discover that the only information valuable to you was covered in approximately 3 minutes.

With that being said, I think that Twitter is a VERY important marketing tool to spread the word about a cause or company! Here is a link to a Twitter Business Guide posted on Scott Monty’s Social Media Marketing Blog. Monty (who I follow on Twitter) is the head of social media at Ford Motor Company and a huge inspiration.

Twitter Business Guide

Just another tool in the marketing and communications toolbox!





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