Success Measures Surveys – Oxnard, CA

18 09 2011

Oxnard, CAAbove is a  photograph of Villa Caesar Chavez, one of CEDC’s affordable housing properties in Oxnard, CA. For the past two days, I have been on-site collecting surveys from various communities in the the Cypress neighbor in Oxnard. The project has been interesting thus far since the responses from residents of different neighborhoods are so diverse. Our team was led by Bryan Poole; who deserves recognition for organizing the project, scoping out the neighborhoods beforehand, recruiting volunteers, and coordinating training. Here he is in Oxnard with two CSUCI volunteers! Thanks for the help girls!

Last night we surveyed residents of a community consisting primarily of homeowners, and today we surveyed residents of a trailer park – some of who were facing eviction. It is amazing how such drastically different communities are so close in proximity. It is even more amazing that some of the most wealthiest people in America live roughly an hour away from such poor living conditions.

Overall, today was awesome – filled with energy, purpose, and teamwork!




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